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Maybe you have attempted countless times, to change your ingrained habits only to end up feeling disappointed and discouraged by your lack of success. We all need extra support from time to time. If you could do this on your own you would have been there by now. However, what seems like an insurmountable obstacle can be transformed when you receive skilled guidance and consistent support.

Imagine how much faster you could progress, how much easier and smoother a ride when you have a coach who really understands your challenges, promotes your strengths and helps you stay on track especially in times of stress or turmoil.

This process is for you if:

  • You feel frustrated with your lack of progress and overwhelmed by too many choices
  • You have not been able to figure out what is blocking you from moving forward
  • You realize this is not a quick fix and that you are not broken
  • You need structure and recognize the value of being accountable
  • You do best with one-on-one mentorship supporting your personal goals
  • You are willing to take time to develop a foundation of self trust
  • You are willing to accept and appreciate the body you have now, knowing it is always changing.
  • You know deep down that you are worth it!

We start with a half hour complimentary consultation to see if this process is a good fit for you. If you want to stay for an additional 45 minutes, the price will be $80.

For new clients, I offer a success package that includes:

The check–in calls mid week between sessions keep you focused and give you support during those times when you are most likely to overeat.

Success package price is $420 (a savings of $130 off the regular price)

At the end of our third session we will plan a schedule that is best for you. The regular price is $150 per session. However, when you pay for three sessions in advance, I offer a discounted rate of three 90 minute sessions for $360.

By making this commitment, your health becomes a priority and you put yourself first. As you build a foundation of self- trust, you will feel revitalized. Then, you can give from a place abundance and energy. Since downtimes are inevitable, I will help you to stay on track until this new way of living becomes your natural choice. It is my honor to support you.

$420 Success Package

$360 Three 90 minute sessions

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