Guided Meditations to Become Lighter with Food

Listen to this CD to learn and integrate Aware Eating practices into your busy daily life.  May this CD support you during those times when you need guidance the most!

  1. Introduction: Aware Eating, a unique approach
  2. Three Key Questions: Ask yourself before you eat
  3. Meditation: Ground and center for deep relaxation
  4. Mindful Eating: This meditation process leads you to sit down and savor the smells, textures and delicious flavors of your food. By eating consciously, with gratitude and exquisite attention, you will experience deep satisfaction as you nourish your body and soul
  5. Mindless Eating : When you are feeling out of control and reaching for food unconsciously, and you don’t want to stop… just play this CD. This guided process takes the panic frenzy of a binge, to channel the wild energy, and to lead you towards self-discovery and inner peace
  6. Eating in the car : Instead of running on automatic, take a minute to check in to see what you’re really hungry for
  7. Set Intention: Repeat positive affirming statements to guide you towards the health and vitality you truly want
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Robin Maynard-Dobbs - Seattle Personal Coach and Hypnotherapist
Aware Eating