Emotional Freedom Technique


EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique- is one of several innovative treatment modalities called Energy Therapy, also known as Energy Medicine. Energy Therapy makes use of the powerful electromagnetic energy field that permeates and radiates from our bodies. It is invisible to us but has been scientifically measured and photographed using special techniques. EFT produces change by gaining access to this energy system through the network of meridians that move life force through our bodies. This system of meridians was mapped out by the Chinese over 4000 years ago and is the basis of all acupuncture treatment. While acupuncturists use needles to stimulate energy flow, the EFT therapist uses the fingers to tap on the endpoints of these meridians. This tapping combined with phrases that focus the mind, unblocks congestion and enables the flow of energy to move freely, thus restoring the body’s natural ability to heal.

EFT is based on the premise that the primary cause of negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system. Once there is a build up of emotional distress, one or more of these pathways or meridians becomes blocked and must be cleared and aligned in order for healing to occur.

EFT has many advantages. It is safe as no negative side effects have been reported. Once I teach you where to tap, you can use EFT wherever you are. EFT allows you to effectively clear out emotional issues and feel a sense of ease and calm within minutes. 

This also helps to neutralize the underlying causes such as anxiety and stress that drive you to overeat.

Use EFT to:

  • Target cravings for sweets or binge foods
  • Reduce stress, anger or deprivation that lead to overeating
  • Deal with fear of failure as well as fear of success
  • Address poor body image
  • Shift limiting beliefs
  • Neutralize conflicts from the past that have lead to habits of overeating

In short, whatever gets in the way of you being fully vibrant and healthy! 

Robin Maynard-Dobbs - Seattle Personal Coach and Hypnotherapist
Aware Eating