Hypnotherapy is a safe, yet powerful tool to help create positive change.

We make choices from both our conscious and subconscious minds. The conscious mind gathers information, analyzes data, and makes rational decisions. The subconscious mind is in charge of running our behaviors automatically – including our habits with food – without us even being aware of it. That is why an attempt to change these patterns on the conscious level through restriction and willpower is very difficult and does not work in the long term.

Hypnotherapy can influence the subconscious mind so that change happens from within, smoothly and naturally. Imagination is more powerful than willpower.

As I guide you into deep relaxation, your conscious mind will take a back seat, allowing your subconscious mind to become more accessible and open to suggestion.

In this deep state of enhanced awareness, you can:

  • Calm the stress and anxiety that compel you to overeat.
  • Discover and resolve hidden conflicts that sabotage your efforts.
  • Visualize the best version of your body as energetic, fit and strong.
  • Feel inspired to take actions that integrate new, positive habits into your daily life.         

Like daydreaming, hypnotherapy is a fun, creative tool for self-discovery. I will guide you through a personalized step-by-step plan. All you have to do is let go and enjoy this safe and gentle process. You will come out of this state relaxed, alert, refreshed and ready to live life fully!

Robin Maynard-Dobbs - Seattle Personal Coach and Hypnotherapist
Aware Eating