Refrigerator Prayer


Dear Giver of Life;
As I open these doors, I am greeted by a bounty of food, shelves full of colorful produce brimming full of life force. I feast my eyes on colorful vegetables and fruits that are already washed and chopped, ready to be tossed into a fresh salad, so appealing and scrumptious. I see my favorite protein cooked and ready to heat, served with a touch of delicious sauce or omega oil.

At my fingertips are so many flavorful ingredients to choose from, I can heat up a tasty, satisfying meal in moments. I have taken the time to prepare for the day, so my entire body feels relaxed and at ease around food, knowing there is more than enough.

regerator-prayerAs I eat slowly, I savor the warmth of a tomato kissed by the sun, snap peas bursting with minerals from the rich soil, or succulent lettuce leaves, pumped by the rain. All of these elements of the earth enter to bless my body. I take in this high vitality gift from mother earth directly into each and every cell. Each bite brings all the nutrients my body needs to feel healthy, alive and revitalized. I love feeling light and relaxed with plenty of sustained energy throughout my day. I relish the pleasure and ease that results from such exquisite self-care.

I feel so blessed to know there is always more than enough food available and I can have more whenever my body is hungry. As I close these doors, I take a deep breath, grateful for the abundant life force my body takes in this day. Amen.