Gabriel Method Certified Coach:
Jon Gabriel works with cutting edge biochemical research plus the mind- body connection to turn off the FAT programs and make your  body to want to be thin.  To see his amazing transformation and see inspiring videos go to The Gabriel Method.

The IBS Treatment Center in Seattle, WA is the leading facility for the successful treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and related digestive disorders, including food allergies and gluten intolerance. Dr. Stephen Wagnen’s book Healthier Without Wheat is an excellent resource.


Dr. Kristen Allott specializes in the non-pharmaceutical interventions for mental health, overweight eating disorders and sugar addiction.

The Diet Cure
In her book, The Diet Cure, Julia Ross reveals biochemical causes of craving and weight gain. When you take the questionnaire that is on the website, you will discover your unique profile of the 8 imbalances and how to eliminate cravings for sweets and carbohydrates using amino acids and other natural supplements. In her companion book, The Mood Cure goes into depth about brain chemistry deficiencies that cause cravings and false moods. This natural approach helps to lift depression, calm anxiety, and reduce food addiction. Take the questionnaire that is on the website to find out your individual profile.

Eating Disorders
Gurze books provides a comprehensive catalogue of books, a newsletter, articles and links to treatment centers for eating disorders.

Mary O’Malley leads classes, groups and spiritual retreats in the Seattle area. Her book The Gift of Our Compulsions is an excellent resource.