Your Process of Change


You may already know, through your own experience that most people who go on diets gain their weight back plus more. What about those few that release weight and keep it off? It turns out that most have gone through some form of transformation, a life change that is much deeper than losing excess fat tissue. There is a fundamental shift not only in lifestyle but also in their sense of self. They are not the same person as when they started this process.

When caterpillars make a chrysalis to transform into butterflies, the whole structure of the caterpillar dissolves into a liquid of many cells. Then what appears in this liquid is a body of cells called “imaginal cells”. These are cells that can somehow envision themselves as a being with brightly colored wings floating on air. Even if other cells are resistant to change, the “imaginal cells” prevail in their organization and over time, create the structure of a butterfly. So emerging from the cocoon is a creature completely transformed into the light body and shimmering wings of a butterfly.

You may be experiencing the caterpillar stage now where you feel that your weight is a burden, limits your activities and engagement in life. Maybe stress has you worn out; impatient to change but you just can’t face another diet. The more you try to control your food intake, the more you feel out of control. You beat yourself up for not having more willpower. The old way is not working.

It doesn’t have to be like this, there is another way.

When you sign up for a free consultation with Aware Eating, you initiate a process that does not merely turn you into a skinnier caterpillar! In our work together, you will undergo a process of transformation that happens from the inside out. It’s about becoming lighter on all levels mental, emotional and spiritual and physical.

No matter how much you weigh or how many discouraging attempts you have made in the past, Aware Eating starts where you are now. When you enter into the cocoon stage, you enter new territory. You enter into the unknown. This can be scary since you must let go of the old sense of self. To experience change that lasts, you must go beyond the familiar comfort zone. With the encouragement and guidance of a coach, fear can shift into an adventure of self-discovery.

In the cocoon, as the caterpillar dissolves, the “imaginal cells” carry out the blueprint of a beautiful winged creature. There is a part of you at the core of your true nature that is already as light and free as a butterly. You were born knowing how to eat and when to stop eating, naturally without effort. Somewhere along the way, you lost that ability to connect and follow your body’s signals. That is when the struggle began.

Aware Eating helps you rediscover your natural state of wholeness and freedom. Feeling good is your birthright. So is the ability to dance through life feeling relaxed, feminine, connected and energetic!

Like a cocoon, you may have covered your own goodness with layers of protection. The body’s primary wiring is for survival, and your body may be holding onto excess fat to keep you safe.

Together we will look with compassion and curiosity at the mental, emotional and physical factors that keep you stuck and heavy. We will design your own personal map to wellness in order to shift form a heavy to a light state.

Through hypnotherapy we will unwrap the emotional triggers that have you automatically reaching for sweets. With EFT we will unwind the limiting beliefs that no longer serve. As your personal coach, I see and hold the image of your beautiful butterfly nature to help you find your way even in difficult times. As each person is unique, Aware Eating guides you through the stages of change with deep respect for your individual journey.

Are you ready for your metamorphosis? Let us begin!

Robin Maynard-Dobbs - Seattle Personal Coach and Hypnotherapist
Aware Eating